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Council tax in East Dorset 2013/14

A guide to the 2013/14 council tax in East Dorset.

This section explains some of the financial information relating to Council Tax with specific relevance to the East Dorset District Council area. It shows how the East Dorset budget is allocated and compares this year's expenditure to last year's.

As well as paying for services from your local district council as outlined on this page, the Council Tax you pay goes towards paying for services provided by Dorset County Council Dorset Fire Authority (opens in a new window) and Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (opens in a new window).

If you live in Corfe Mullen, Ferndown, Verwood or Wimborne Minster there is a separate explanation of the expenditure for those towns. If you require more information about one of these items please refer to the contacts given below or to their relevant websites.

Why council tax has changed

East Dorset District Council is sensitive to the strength of public feeling relating to increases in taxation. However, East Dorset District Council is facing significant financial challenges in setting the annual budgets due to reductions in government funding and changes regarding the Localisation of Council Tax Support and Retention of Business Rates. The Government has given the District additional funding in the form of a Council Tax Support Grant, but this represents only 90% of the previous cost of the scheme. This change not only affects the council, towns and parishes but also recipients of council tax support.

East Dorset has seen cuts in government funding of £1,053,000 or 34% between 2010/11 and 2013/14 and anticipates further reductions of 12% in 2014/15. Further grant reductions will occur and continue until 2018, at least. The funding pressures that the council faces and will continue to face are significant but are at present forecast to be managed through a wide combination of measures which include setting a Council Tax increase strategy, achieving savings through the shared service programme, and fundamental budget reviews. The shared service programme has resulted in revenue savings of £1,089,000 over the last three years and has allowed the council to balance its books without cutting services.

Whilst East Dorset has frozen its Council Tax for the previous two years, it is increasing its Council Tax by 1.95% for 2013/14 as a result of the financial challenges it faces. This equates to an increase of £3.72 per annum or £0.07 per week for a Band D property. A Band D property in East Dorset will pay £194.65 for East Dorset's element of their Council Tax bill.

The Government has offered a grant to councils that freeze their Council Tax and is worth the equivalent of a 1% increase. The grant is only available for a period of two years and would drop out of the council's funding streams after this time. The council believes that to accept a third year of freeze grant would not support a robust and sound long term financial strategy needed to ensure the council can see out the turbulent times ahead.

Despite the financial challenges, East Dorset District Council remains ambitious and will continue to seek opportunities to provide further resilience to its financial position in order that services are protected.

Spending on major projects

The council plans to spend £2.159m on major projects over the next five years. This includes £0.729m for the East Dorset contribution to delivering superfast broadband to the district and £1.159m maintaining and enhancing council assets.

Where the money is spent




Where is the money spent










10,705Cost of providing services39,397(28,823)10,574
(506)Net capital chargesN/AN/A(729)
(90)Investment incomeN/AN/A(120)
(218)Transfer to/(from) reservesN/AN/A149
9,891Budget requirementN/AN/A9,874
(2,458)Retained business ratesN/AN/A(1,159)
(48)Revenue support grantN/AN/A(1,741)
7,385To be met by council tax payersN/AN/A6,974

Why the demand on council tax payers has changed

Demand on council tax payers£000
Met by Council Tax Payers in 2012/137,385
East Dorset Share Of Council Tax Support Grant(587)
Savings Arising From Joint Working(280)
Removal Of Contributions To Capital Programme 2012/13(192)
New Homes Bonus Grant(150)
Increases In Income(137)
Other Staff Related Savings(104)
Reduction In External Audit Fees(54)
Contribution To Risk Based Reserves 2012/13(45)
Other Miscellaneous Savings Identified During Budget Process(154)
Contribution To Council's Change Programme346
Contribution To Risk Based Reserves 2013/14304
Reduction In Government Funding265
Reduction In Funding Due To 2012/13 Council Tax Freeze Grant184
Funding Disabled Facility Grants101
Investment In Services92
Met by Council Tax Payers in 2013/146,974

Parish precepts

Within each valuation band, the tax required by Dorset County Council, the Dorset Police Authority, the Dorset Fire Authority and East Dorset District Council remains constant throughout the district. However, tax levels differ between parishes because some town and parish councils make additional charges for parish purposes. View the additional charges for each town and parish.

Full council tax amounts

Valuation BandsABCDEFGH
Town / Parish££££££££
Corfe Mullen1,113.031,298.531,484.031,669.542,040.552,411.562,782.573,339.08
Gussage All Saints1,083.381,263.941,444.501,625.071,986.202,347.322,708.453,250.14
Gussage St Michael1,076.121,255.471,434.821,614.181,972.892,331.592,690.303,228.36
Hinton Martell1,083.121,263.631,444.151,624.671,985.712,346.742,707.793,249.34
Hinton Parva1,074.531,253.611,432.701,611.791,969.972,328.142,686.323,223.58
Long Crichel1,081.541,261.791,442.051,622.311,982.832,343.342,703.853,244.62
More Crichel1,085.061,265.891,446.741,627.581,989.272,350.952,712.643,255.16
St Leonards & St Ives1,087.901,269.211,450.531,631.851,994.492,357.122,719.753,263.70
Sixpenny Handley1,120.191,306.881,493.581,680.282,053.682,427.072,800.473,360.56
Sturminster Marshall1,088.221,269.591,450.961,632.331,995.072,357.812,720.553,264.66
West Moors1,095.401,277.961,460.531,643.102,008.242,373.372,738.503,286.20
West Parley1,091.621,273.541,455.481,637.422,001.302,365.162,729.043,274.84
Wimborne Minster1,145.761,336.711,527.671,718.632,100.552,482.462,864.393,437.26
Wimborne St Giles1,088.481,269.881,451.301,632.711,995.542,358.362,721.193,265.42

2013-14 East Dorset District Council Full Council Tax Amounts (pdf, 98kb) (opens in a new window)

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