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Life in a Dorset Manor

Medieval Manorial Rolls

This pack studies the lives of ordinary people from medieval times up to the twentieth century, through the activities of the manor.

Session overview

Manors were areas of land and property belonging to a single landowner - the lord of the manor. They were estates which included land for growing crops and grazing animals, and a manor house. Manors had their own courts which dealt with local disputes and property transactions.

Manorial records are a useful way to study social history, revealing details of the day-to-day lives of ordinary people - their jobs, where they lived, disputes with neighbours and more. The session covers from the medieval period up to the twentieth century.

Free resource pack

This pack has been split into sections, and each section can be downloaded as a separate PDF.

A contents page can be found in the Introduction.

Section 13 contains additional images and transcripts of original documents. Please contact our Education Officer for copies of these additional resources.

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