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Reablement is a short period of intensive support in your home to help get you back on your feet.

Reablement provides short term proactive support to help people regain or develop new skills to become more independent and able to manage their daily lives. Our aim is to enable you to live independently and safely in your own home.

Dorset County Council Reablement Service is available free to Dorset adults who are not already receiving care services and are finding it difficult to manage their personal care or daily living needs due to frailty, following illness at home or after returning from hospital.

You may be offered reablement by our social care teams before being discharged from hospital. Alternatively, you can contact the Adult Access Team to ask us to provide the service. If you currently receive a service from us, and your circumstances change, please contact your social care local office.

If reablement is the right support for you, our staff will visit you at home to discuss what you want to achieve and agree a timetable of when we will be visiting you.  We will then arrange support to help you regain confidence and ability in carrying out daily living tasks such as:

  • Getting up, out of bed and dressed
  • Getting undressed and into bed
  • Washing, shaving, washing your hair
  • Being able to manage toilet requirements
  • Being able to eat or drink when you want to

The amount of help needed varies with each person and their circumstances. Some people might need several visits a week; others, several visits a day. The amount of help you need should reduce quickly, as your confidence and ability improves. This might take from only a few days up to several weeks.

At the end of the period of reablement we hope that you will be able to live independently at home. Well over half of the people we support achieve this. If you are not fully independent we will advise on your ongoing needs. This will include an assessment of how much further care will cost and whether or not we can contribute to this cost.

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