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Recycling and rubbish collections

Check your bin collection dates, what you can recycle and what to put in which bin.

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The Recycle for Dorset service

Households across Dorset except part of West Dorset use the Recycle for Dorset collection service, provided by the Dorset Waste Partnership. The service consists of a:

Bag and box service

An alternative bag and box service is provided for properties that are unable to use wheelie bins.

On your collection day, please

  • put the right containers at the kerbside or agreed collection point by 7am (6am if you live in Weymouth and Portland)
  • leave your wheelie bins with their handles facing the road and food bins with their handles up
  • make sure the lids of your bins are completely closed
  • take your empty containers back onto your property by the end of the day

Bin advice tags

If there is any reason why we cannot collect some or all of your waste, we will leave an advice tag on the container. Find out what bin advice tags mean.

Reporting a missed collection

If your containers have not been collected by the end of your collection day, you can report a missed collection (opens in a new window).

Service disruption updates

Check if there are any reported problems with the collection service in your area.

What do I put in which bin?

Check our simple guide to which materials should go in which container.

Recycling collection

Read more about your recycling collection.

Rubbish collection

  • All rubbish must be put inside your bin with the lid completely closed or in authorised blue sacks
  • We will not collect any rubbish left outside your bin or in unauthorised sacks

Read more about your rubbish collection.

Food waste collection

  • Use your smaller kitchen caddy to collect food waste indoors and transfer it to your larger food bin outside
  • Put your food waste bin next to your recycling or rubbish containers on collection day, with the handle 'locked' and pointing up
  • Only use compostable liners or newspaper to line your caddy. No plastic bags, please

Read more about your food waste collection.

Garden waste collection

We also provide an optional, fortnightly garden waste collection using a 240-litre wheelie bin with a brown lid.

Christmas and New Year collections

On the first collection after Christmas we will collect up to two additional sacks of rubbish.

Your normal collection days change over the Christmas and New Year period.  Check your collection calendar (opens in a new window) to find out your revised collection dates.  Collections on other public holidays are as normal.

Save time, do it online

You can save time and help save money for local services by doing the following online:

Request bin changes or help

Pay for garden waste

Report a missed bin

Report a lost or damaged bin

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Service disruption

Updates about any delays to rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections.

Recycle for Dorset service

Read more about Recycle for Dorset service
Councils are working together to introduce a new recycling and rubbish collection service for Dorset.

Bin collection advice tags

Bin collection crews may place coloured tags or stickers on your containers if you have not used the service correctly. Find out what they mean.
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