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Dorset Driver Gold

A 'Guide for Older Drivers', designed to refresh and update your driving.

Do you remember when you last read the Highway Code?  If not, the Dorset Driver Gold programme may be right for you.

Dorset Driver Gold provides an opportunity to update your driving skills and confidence on the road, as well as refresh your knowledge on topics such as the Highway Code, modern driving techniques, and how to keep driving safely for longer.

The programme is aimed at older drivers over the age of 70 but drivers of all ages are welcome.  

There are two elements to Dorset Driver Gold:


The theory session is a two hour presentation, delivered by one of Dorset County Council's Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) at various locations across the county.  No driving is involved.

The group discussions include:

  • Observation
  • Distraction
  • Safety margins
  • Dual carriageways/Motorways
  • Roundabouts
  • New driving techniques
  • Changes in the law and the Highway Code
  • Keeping fit to drive
  • Alternatives to driving


£5 (payable on the day)


The popularity of the Dorset Driver Gold programme means that booking is essential. 

To book a place, fill in the online booking form (see below for available course dates).

Dates and venues

2014 course dates will be announced in the spring. 

Want to be kept informed of upcoming theory sessions?

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The practical driving session takes place on a different day to the theory session.  An ADI will carry out the practical driving session, which lasts 90 minutes and is conducted on local roads in your own vehicle.

The car must be taxed, insured for you to drive and roadworthy.  The instructor will also ask to see your driving licence (paper and photocard if applicable) to confirm that you are entitled to drive.

We would like to reassure you that this is not a test of your skills and knowledge but an opportunity for you to increase your confidence, practice and improve upon any areas you feel need updating.   


£37.50 (payable to the ADI on the day of the drive)


To book a practical driving session, please contact an instructor in your area from the list below. 





Brian Chidgey

07970 482431


Jeff Gawler

01202 575752

Bridport/ West Dorset

Haydn Wright

07796 287848

Bridport/West Dorset

Tina Moyes

Dave Moyes

07951 955992

07984 830175


Julie Mansley

07702 886109


Adam Sykes

07751 960300

Dorchester, Duntish

Jeff Parsons

07966 506626


Paul Gowing

07949 084908


Dennis Griffin

07714 323254


Brian Thorne

07909 970800


Aubrey Steele

07703 543260


John Nathan

07814 663498

Weymouth and Portland

Charles Deremaux

01305 778704


Frequently asked questions


Is there any driving involved?

There are two separate elements to Dorset Driver Gold; theory and practical.  The theory session is a two hour presentation so there is no driving involved. 

Payment - do I need to pay in advance?

No, payment is made on the day directly to the presenter.

Payment - what payment methods are accepted?

Our preferred method of payment is cash.

I have not driven for a while and am returning to driving, is this programme right for me?

Yes, Dorset Driver Gold is a good starting place for anyone returning to driving after a prolonged period as you can refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code and be brought up to date with any changes, included new driving techniques and new road layouts.

Insurance - will taking this course increase/decrease the cost of my motor insurance?

Attending the course will neither increase nor decrease the cost of your motor insurance. Dorset Driver is not a qualification; it is simply a refresher course, so attendance on the course is unlikely to reduce your insurance costs. However, improving your driving knowledge could make you a safer driver and mean you are less likely to be involved in a collision.

This is not to be confused with the Driver Awareness Scheme (DAS), which is run by Dorset Police as an alternative to the Fixed Penalty Process and which drivers may be referred to after committing a driving offence.

Licence - can my licence be taken away as a result of attending this programme?No, we cannot take away your driving licence.  If our ADI feels that your driving is not up to standard or that you should no longer continue driving, they can only advise that you undertake additional driver training or recommend that you give up your licence.  If this is the case, they can offer you advice on how to do so and provide information on the alternatives to driving.

Access - is there disabled access to the venue?

All the venues we use have disabled access.

Are there any tests involved?

There are no tests involved, however the presenter may ask questions to the group or engage in group discussion, which you can participate in if you wish. The presenter will not single anyone out.

Age - is there an age limit?

Dorset Driver Gold is aimed at older drivers over 70, however a lot of the theory content is relevant to all drivers and we welcome anyone with an interest in driving.  The practical session is tailored to the individual and our ADIs are experienced in working with drivers of all ages. 

There are no courses in my area, are there likely to be in the future?

We try to put theory sessions on in several locations to cover the whole county but this is not always possible.

You can fill in our Dorset Driver Gold online registration form if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming theory sessions in your area. Alternatively, if you have a group of 10 or more e.g. community group, we will happily arrange a theory session in your area. For more information, contact the Road Safety team.


Dorset Driver Q&A - your driving questions answered

Is your group or club looking for a speaker?

Dorset Driver Q&A offers groups and clubs the chance to book a 45 minute question and answer session with a local driving instructor.  This is suitable for drivers of all ages.


£25 (payable to the presenter on the day)


If you would like to book a 'Dorset Driver Q&A' session, please contact the Road Safety team.

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