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Car parks in Christchurch, Dorset

Locations, opening hours and charges for all the car parks in Christchurch.

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Car parks in Christchurch are operated by: Christchurch Borough Council

Car park (total capacity)Spaces remaining*
Avon Beach car park, Christchurch (89)Live data unavailable
Avon Run Road car park, Christchurch (230)Live data unavailable
Bank Close, Christchurch (135)Live data unavailable
Bargates car park, Christchurch (74)Live data unavailable
Bridge Street car park, Christchurch (40)Live data unavailable
Bypass car park, Christchurch (202)Live data unavailable
Christchurch Quay car park, Christchurch (21)Live data unavailable
Highcliffe Castle car park, Christchurch (100)Live data unavailable
Highcliffe Cliff Top car park, Christchurch (624)Live data unavailable
Leisure Centre car park (east), Christchurch (192)Live data unavailable
Leisure Centre car park (west), Christchurch (119)Live data unavailable
Mayors Mead car park, Christchurch (122)Live data unavailable
Mudeford Quay car park, Christchurch (441)Live data unavailable
Pit Site car park, Christchurch (81)Live data unavailable
Priory car park, Christchurch (98)Live data unavailable
Purewell Dairy car park, Christchurch (29)Live data unavailable
Saxon Square car park, Christchurch (257)Live data unavailable
Southcliffe Road car park, Christchurch (209)Live data unavailable
Steamer Point car park, Christchurch (169)Live data unavailable
Wick Lane car park, Christchurch (184)Live data unavailable
Willow Way car park, Christchurch (61)Live data unavailable
Wortley Road car park, Christchurch (125)Live data unavailable


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*Spaces remaining are representative of the estimated number of available parking spaces remaining in a car park, in real-time. Figures are updated every five minutes and are approximate counts for guidance only. 'Live data unavailable' is shown for car parks that have no counting facilities or in the event of a system fault. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures showing at any particular time.

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